Last week, I began to pray. Father, I thank you for an increase in finances. I decree and declare checks in the mail from the north, south, east and west!! I went on to pray for about 15 minutes or so.

Well, fast forward 4 days and a check was in the mail! Hallelujah!

I knew it was a check by how it looked on the outside. I ripped that baby open so fast, I could not wait to cash it lol

Opened it and it was for $3.93... what?!

Now God I don't want to sound ungrateful but um.. What am I going to do with $4 Lord? haha

The holy spirit convicted me. . . He said, I gave you what you asked for, right?

I said, yes!

He said, were you specific in your prayer?

hmmmm I hadn't thought about that!

In Mark 10, blind Bartimaeus was on the side of the road begging and when Jesus came he yelled out... Thou son of David have mercy on me! Jesus stopped and asked "what do you want me to do for you"? The blind man said, I'd like to receive my sight. He received his sight!

Imagine if he had not been specific? What if he had just told Jesus he wanted to be healed?

that could've been a healing of the mind or some other ailment..

I had to repent!

#1 for my complaining and #2 for not being clear on what it was that I wanted.

I challenge you to ask God for what you want and be specific!

If you want a man, tell God the type of man you want, Girl!