Got a min?

I was talking to my pastor last month and he asked me was I happy? I’m like yes of course! Then he said how do you know? what makes you happy?

I couldn’t answer that. Why? Because I don’t know!!!

In my head I was like girl, you’re happy right??

It dawned on me, I have always made sure the people closest to me were happy... but what about me? Totally forgot about myself! Really?

Last week my therapist said I was a people pleaser.

Like girl, first of all who you talking to?? LOL

But where’s the lie?

“What makes Meka happy”? I have no idea but I'm going to find out!!!

I’m taking the remainder of the year to search self.

Do you know what makes you happy?

I never thought about it until now and the fact that I don’t know is a problem!